About Us

INTELVOLKS is focussed on solutions with the help of IT, that brings change in business processes of any company. This needs a deep understanding of all areas from like stakeholder management (Customer, Company Management, Investor relations) , resources management (Stock, Finance, People, Place), Process & Communication management, Visibility and KPI/MIS, Planning and forecasting. As a the team we have huge experience in delivering effective solutions mainly in these areas. These are not specific to one indsutry or one technology or one type of company and is common in the DNA of any aspiring and growing company and this is where INTELVOLKS has played and will be playing a huge part.We work across all functions and technolgies to make this happen. With a customer centric business partnership model and exposure to new technologies available in the market , we have enabled some Industry leaders in effectively managing their process with the help of IT solutions.


Professional Development, High Quality Services/Products, Customer Value, and Serve over Everything.

Stakeholder management

We handle Customer, Company Management & Investor relations.

Resources management

Resources management handle Stock, Finance, and People & Place.

Process & communication management

We do systematic planning, implementing & monitoring.

Visibility & KPI/MIS

We make you organizations to maximize the benefit from investments.

Planning & forecasting

Our experts will help you to reach you financial goals.


Business Process Study and Re-Engineering

Every industry has a different management needs and we have understood the logistics and education space well. There is no standard solution, which can fit everyone, and this is where our experience fits in.

We work very close with the management and design /redesign process in the best interests of all stakeholders and design solutions that fit the style of management. Some might need a process change and some IT level change, we bring in these changes, implement them and monitor them.

IT Solutions development


Our vast experience in IT solutions development for small and large business lets us deliver diverse solutions you need to dynamically run your business. We serve you with end to end IT development solutions we help you plan, conceive, build, augment and take care of your software.


Our approach allows plan, collaborate and deliver, We have built IT solutions customized to your requirements, from cloud to mobile application hence providing our clients with a smooth transition and a well IT solution system.

Migration to new process or technologies

Migration is a necessity for any organization to keep up with changing strategies and newer, supported technologies. Different people have different needs and expectations from your new product writing a few words about the product is definitely not enough we tried to gain the customers confidence with a clear detailed article on upcoming changes.


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